Oculus Rift Licenses Panos

Glasgow CathedralI received a pleasant but unexpected message from 360Cities last week, 3 of my panoramas were included in a set of 200 panoramas licensed to Oculus Rift to demonstrate their virtual reality head display. The panoramas chosen were Super Tree Grove in Singapore, Glasgow University Undercroft, and Glasgow Cathedral at Night (shown). I look forward to being able to view spherical panoramas in a fully immersive manner.

Here is a video of John Carmack talking about Oculus Rift and panoramas from 360Cities.

The Kelpies, Falkirk

KelpiesThe Kelpies is a sculpture by Andy Scott and is situated in the Helix Project in Falkirk. I was fortunate to catch them on a reasonably cloudless day, though some cloud cover on the horizon spoiled a promising sunset.

The site is a bit awkwardly located, there is a motorway on one side and powerlines on the other so finding a direction to avoid these background distractions is challenging. For a spherical panorama, the only thing you can do is pick a position that hides any unsightly views and accentuates elements of interest.

Here, I chose a spot in between the two massive horse heads next to the canal lock. There were some rays of the setting sun to outline one head and bath the other in a warm glow.