Most of my spherical panoramas can be found at where I am an Expert Member. They are also available on Google Earth on the panoramic image layer.

Little Planet Projections

A spherical panorama is exactly that, it is literally an image which fits onto the surface of a ball capturing the view from a point in space on all directions. Just as map makers have the dilemma of trying to represent the globe on a flat piece of paper, it is a challenge to display a full spherical panorama in a way which looks natural. Alternatively, we can exploit the properties of various cartographical projections to produce what are commonly called “little planet” panoramas.

Miscellaneous Panoramas

These are personal panorama projects which do not fit within the 360cities website.

Panoramic tour of Dreghorn Studios.

A small tour of a cottage in the South of France.

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

Charterhouse Chapel, Godalming

SPARS11 Conference Photo

Landscape and Panoramic Specialist in Glasgow