Singapore Marina Bay

I’m slowly going through photos which I took during a recent visit to Singapore. The Marina Bay area is quite colourful at night when the CBD and the new casino development are lit up. Night panoramas can be quite challenging, especially when coupled with lots of people moving around. The hot conditions also increases the dark current of digital sensors meaning that dark frame subtraction is a must on long exposures. It can take several minutes, maybe half an hour to get the photos for a single pano depending on how many shots are required to avoid people being cut in half.

The Merlion is an icon of Singapore, the one on Marina Bay shooting a geyser of water from its mouth a crowded tourist sport. This pano also surveys the bay with Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino opposite. Tourists and locals soak up the balmy evening air.

Panorama of Chester Cathedral

I have just returned from a weekend in Chester, an old walled town dating from Roman times. The cathedral is a beautiful building, especially the tiles on the floor and the vaulted ceiling.

I took a panorama of the Strathclyde University Chamber Choir rehearsing for Evensong. To obtain the image on the left, I remapped the spherical panorama, which was in equirectangular format, to a stereographic projection.  The tiled patterns form interesting geometric shapes.