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Terms of Service

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Explanation of Prices

A photographer is not just a “guy with a camera”. If all you want are snapshots, then Uncle Bob with a DSLR would probably be able to give you all the snaps you need. But if you want more than just snaps, it’s best to rely on a professional photographer who has the experience, knowledge of his/her craft and equipment, and the creativity to deliver quality results. Delivering a finished product involves not just pressing a shutter, but requires planning, preparation, the right (not necessarily the most expensive) equipment, consistency, photographic technique, attention to detail, and post-processing skill. When you hire a photographer, you hire their years of learning the craft and their judgement about how best to take and present your photos. The proof is in the finished product, compare the style of different photographers and go for the look which appeals to you.

Landscape and Panoramic Specialist in Glasgow