I am a photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been a serious photographer for over a decade, having learnt originally using black & white and slide film. In recent years I have moved to digital for the majority of my work, though I retain some film cameras for black & white film personal projects.

I specialise in 360 degree panoramic photography and the production of panoramic tours using years of experience in composition, exposure, and post-production to get the very best out of the medium. My goal is to produce high quality results with full visual impact. My work has been licensed by organisations such as the University of Singapore, Sunday Times, advertising agencies, and local business. Additionally, landscape photography is a natural complement to panoramic photography.

I also have a strong interest in street and candid photography. This has carried over into event and wedding photography where I have developed a reportage style. I also do portrait work, with a preference for environmental, non-studio based portraits.

Please contact me by email if you have any enquiries.

Landscape and Panoramic Specialist in Glasgow