Panoramic Photography

CommonwealthGamesRings_lpI specialize in making spherical interactive panoramic images. These allow the viewer to take a 360 degree view as well as look directly above and below. They are the ideal way to display shops, restaurants, meeting rooms, conference venues, hotels, and of course real estate. But they can also be the perfect way to capture a time and place of special significance. I provide bespoke, high quality panoramas for the discerning client.

Basic Package

copy-SupertreesA.jpgThe basic package for £400 (+expenses) is for three standard-resolution fully-spherical panoramas (6Kx3K equirectangular) of straightforward non-HDR scenes. Finished panoramas are delivered in equirectangular format JPG for client web integration. I am not VAT registered.

Exact pricing depends on the following factors:

  • Output resolution of the panorama
  • Use of HDR/Exposure fusion for high contrast scenes.
  • Complexity of the panorama and shoot.
  • Delivery of pano/website integration.
  • Hosting of the pano: Hosting can be arranged through for example.

A more accurate quote will depend on details of the actual shoot itself and its difficulty.

Further Details of Basic Package

  • Normal lead time is 1 week after shooting for 3 panos.
  • Final delivery would be a 6000×3000 high quality JPG of each pano for client integration into website design/pano viewer or tour.
  • If other formats are required for final delivery (e.g. Flash pano), this can be arranged at additional cost. Files can be emailed or burned to CD/DVD.
  • I can include a logo at the nadir (bottom of the pano) if supplied by the client. Otherwise I can place my own logo if needed or include the full floor if appropriate.
  • A perpetual, royalty-free, non-transferable license will be granted to the client for their own use. Copyright of the source photos, working files and final panorama would be retained by the photographer. Additional use can be negotiated at any time.
  • A 30% deposit will be required to book the shooting of the source imagery. This is refundable if cancelled with at least 7 days notice. A further 20% deposit is required at the time of the shoot, refundable in the event that assembly of the panoramas cannot be completed due to extenuating circumstances. The remaining 50% of the fee is due on delivery of the final panoramas.
  • For various quantities (+expenses): single pano £200, two panos £300, three panos £400. For more than 3 panos, a discount can be negotiated.

Panorama Quality

copy-GU_Undercroft.jpgThe key element to effective panoramic imagery is quality. I have developed my own panoramic photography techniques over several years with attention to detail. I use a high quality dedicated fisheye lens, DSLR, and specialized camera support to take the source images. The RAW files are carefully processed to extract the maximum amount of detail and dynamic range. These source images are hand assembled to give the best possible seamless fully panoramic image of the scene. Exposure, contrast, sharpness, and colour balance are then optimised before final delivery.

The standard basic resolution of 6Kx3K is perfectly suited to web use. Higher resolution of up to 10Kx5K can be requested with additional processing time. For even higher resolution panos (e.g. 20Kx10K or 200MP), a conventional wide angle lens can be used to take 5 times as many photos, though shooting time and post-processing increases greatly. For typical web use, a 6Kx3K panorama would be ideal for showing off rooms and function spaces in sufficient detail for customer evaluation. For high value spaces, high resolution HDR panoramas can make a difference, though at a commensurate cost.

Examples of my work (6Kx3K equirectangular):

Panorama Web Display

SPARS_StereographicThe basic package delivers a “flat” file, an equirectangular image containing the view of the scene in all directions but looks unusual to the normal eye. For interactive VR viewing, as if you were standing in the middle of the scene, a stand-alone or web-based viewer program is used. Several panoramas can be linked together to form a virtual tour. If requires a web-panorama viewer or linked panorama tour, this can be added to the package.

Landscape and Panoramic Specialist in Glasgow