Street Photography with the A77

Went out on a lunchbreak to exercise my shutter finger. It was a bit wet today so I took the A77+16-50mm/2.8 as they are both “weatherproof”. I certainly did not have any worries with rain showers, the combination worked well exposed to the elements.

It was a bit different shooting with the A77 compared with the NEX-7. One positive is that the AF is very quick, even in wide AF mode. I was able to take a few snap photos and still have them focused properly.  potential negative is that the A77+16-50mm/2.8 is a big and obvious lump. People notice that you’re carrying a large camera. I was able to shoot from the hip mostly, or else TLR style to make it less obvious I was taking a photo.

Today I shot in shutter priority, 1/350th, and auto ISO. This worked well with getting reasonably sharp photos if I didn’t whip the camera around too quickly. Mostly photos were taken at 16mm.

It was a reasonably successful outing, despite the obviousness of the camera. The faster AF compensated as I was able to quickly point and shoot. The use of a wide angle and shooting from the hip helped.