First rule of Pano Club…

Lens entrance pupil
The image of the aperture stop of a lens when looking from the object side is the entrance pupil. Light rays that can pass through the lens to form an image must pass through the entrance pupil, hence this defines the point of perspective. To avoid parallax when rotating the camera, it must be rotated around the entrance pupil

From Wikipedia:

“The geometric location of the entrance pupil is the vertex of the camera’s angle of view[1] and consequently its center of perspectiveperspective pointview pointprojection centre[2] or no-parallax point.[3] This point is important in panoramic photography, because the camera must be rotated around it in order to avoid parallax errors in the final, stitched panorama.[4][5] Panoramic photographers often incorrectly refer to the entrance pupil as a nodal point, which is a different concept.”

Repeat after me, “It’s not the nodal point, it’s not the nodal point, it’s not the nodal point!”