Panorama Highlighted

EsplanadeOutdoorTheatre20130823_lpsI am pleased that my Singapore Esplanade panorama was highlighted on the 360Cities Blog. This was a challenging pano to take due to a number of factors. A night pano often has extreme contrast due to bright lights along with the dark night sky. I decided to take the pano from the obvious spot of symmetry which was on top of a rounded bollard. To make things even trickier, I had a couple sitting close by which I had work around. The most difficult part of taking and assembling the pano was the nadir shot. In fact, there is a slight misalignment between the nadir shot and the rest of the pano leading to some parallax in the parts where the chain joins the bollard but I hope that it isn’t too noticeable. The alternative would have been a mirrorball to hide the nadir but that would have been a cop-out.